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  1. You only got 2 bucks and give less than a f*** — then you a n***a

    Got a nice home and a Lexus truck — you a n***a

    World champions and you M.V.P — you a n***a

    4 degrees and a Ph.D — still a n***a

    To use your platinum card you need four IDs — then you’s a n***a

    If your skin is brown just like me — then you a n***a

    Got a promotion and a FAT ass raise — you still a n***a

    You from the islands and your peoples wasn’t slaves — you a n***a

    No matter how much your ass get paid — you still a n***a

    Shot by the cops at a traffic stop — cause you a n***a

    Now…Who invented “niggas” in the first place?

    They say America’s the original birthplace.

    Who gettin’ 10 - 20 - Life on they first case?

    My n***as.

    Society on Trick Daddy’s America

    reallllly have to stop acting like rap or even individual rappers are one dimensional.

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  2. Eatin food drunk at thr bar like

    Eatin food drunk at thr bar like

  3. Relevant


  4. You can keep fuckin that dog if you want to, just don’t expect me to take care of the puppies.

    Said to a person who won’t let a toxic person go. African American Proverb (via blkproverbs)

    I’ve never heard this in life.

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    This don’t sound nothing like a blk person would say. We don’t fuck dogs

    (via bulma-esque)

    Never in my Black ass life have I heard this. 

    Sounds like somebody submitted something anonymously and blkproverbs wasn’t paying too close attention. 

    (via tashabilities)

    same here. this sounds like some duck dynasty country yeehaw white proverb…

    (via saturnineaqua)


    (via dynastylnoire)

    What kinda backwoods honky tonk yee haw nonsense is this

    (via black-culture)

    There has been so much talk about this post to the point where an irritated anon roasted all of y’all for reaching. (uncalled for, granted it was a misunderstanding)

    When i saw blkproverbs I was hella confused. Thought this was some quote from a white character from a white show.

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  5. darvinasafo:

Lincoln wasn’t for us.


    Lincoln wasn’t for us.

  6. aliyayisrael:

Last Supper


    Last Supper

  7. Confession: i cant grow a beard just a ridiculously full mustache

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